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Our family owes a debt of gratitude to Atma Oils. I have been working with Chris for 6 months. My digestive system was a mess, with bloating & stomach pain daily. That has all ended since using Atma Oils and following a vegetative diet. Also, I am finally winning battles with sinus infections after years of antibiotic need.  A most hearty thank you to Chris and Dianna,


Atma oils have changed my life in a very deep and profound way. They have tapped into my core and realigned my thinking and actions at a soul level I no longer feel the confusion of a mind that is wondering aimlessly. I have finally found the peace I longed for. I am forever grateful!


The Oils have helped me deal with issues in my life that I thought I had dealt with in therapy. What I didn’t realize was that not only did I need to talk through my experiences, but I also needed to release the emotions and feelings that went along with them. I didn’t realize how much “weight” I was carrying in those emotions. The oils have allowed me to release those feelings and emotions. I now feel so much lighter!


This is a picture of me that was in the Stamford Advocate last Sunday, July 29th.  I was participating in the annual City Tournament as I have done so for the past 10 years.

Each year I walk off the course frustrated with my score because, while I always felt I played great tee to green, my nerves caused by the event and everyone else being nervous drove my adrenaline so much that I three putted at least half the greens!  This was the first year that I felt relaxed and my short game saved me on every hole…  I did not have one 3 putt!  I attribute this to the Atma Oils I have been using and in particular # 99 on my temples before the round.  I was relaxed and did not have the problem with hitting the ball too hard (which happens with adrenaline) and was able to make the critical putts.  Thanks for all of the help you have given me and for the Atma Oils…  they really work – I just hope my competition doesn’t find out about 99!

Teresa W.

I know you know how fast the oils work.  I just had to share what happened this afternoon while I was reading a book at the beach.  I started crying as I was reading the bittersweet ending.  I just found myself crying.... it didn't feel overwhelming... just a real sense of  grief was coming up and out.  And as I was going through it, I remembered your advice to just let it come out.  Wow.  This really worked fast.  I can only imagine what the rest of the bottle has in store for me.  Thank you for a great session and the introduction of 654... it's a lovely change.


Atma Oils are powerful, but work in subtle ways.  Since I began using them, I have noticed a sense of calm and expansion of thinking that wasn't there before.  I am aware of and acknowledge inner anger that was limiting my ability to live my life to the fullest.  I have more patience and compassion.  My digestion is much improved and my food cravings are less.  I am starting to be able to breathe deeply, which is reducing my anxiety.  I am less of a perfectionist and less demanding of myself and others.  My husband is taking chemotherapy and has experienced a big improvement in his energy level.  He is much less fatigued, taking less naps and has a better focus.  The spring is back in his step, he's not dragging himself around anymore.  He seems to be sleeping better as well.  We actually went on a vacation, something I never thought would happen!


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